Learn how to pass your drug test

There are a lot of ways to pass a drug test some of which are proven to help and some of which have not been that helpful to everyone. Basically, there are 4 types of tests performed

  1. Urine test
  2. Blood test
  3. Saliva test
  4. Hair test

Understanding Which Test Is Easy To Meddle With

  • Since urine tests are done by collecting samples, you are given few movements of privacy to collect the urine in the cup. If no one is assisting you when doing so you have a chance to exchange the samples, therefore, this is the easiest test to fiddle with.
  • For a blood test, it is hard to meddle with the samples these tests and when done will successfully determine how much drug intake has been done. If it has been many days since you have taken drugs then you might test negative for this test.
  • Testing your saliva is done in replacement with either urine test or blood test. Since this is a less responsive test you can pass it by delaying the test.
  • Hair testing is the most difficult one to temper with since drugs in the hair stay for at least 90 days. Not only this, 120 hair strands are tested in labs for any findings of drugs.

Frequent Or Less Frequent Drug Users

Passing a drug test also depends on how frequently how heavily you make use of drugs. If you are a heavy user then you will most likely test positive however if you use it less frequently there are chances of flushing it out and passing the drug test. But provided you are not getting a drug test done on hair since the drug stays in the hair for the longest.

Sometimes when your undergoing a drug test you are given an option to choose which type of drug test you want to take. In this case, rather than meddling with your samples you can choose a drug test depending on how frequently and how much you have used drugs or learn how to clean your system in 1 hour.

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