How to research everything about your employer before signing a contract

To be an employee is common but to be a leader is uncommon. To lead a team, you not only need experience at work but also citizenship when working in a foreign land. I found out about the administrative exemption in California here in a web portal which explains the rules and regulations laid out for promotions in Californian companies. All the employees are not treated the same here. But if you are at a higher pay scale, you are exempt from certain things which are detailed below:

To be eligible for the administrative exemption, one must qualify by clearing the following tests:

  1. $455 per week should be the minimum compensation of the employee
  2. The primary duty should be independent judgment in matters of significance.
  3. The employee should be performing office work which is not manual and is directly impacting business operations.

Also, if an employee is drawing a salary equal to that of a teacher at an academic institution in entry-level, even then he/she will be eligible for administrative exemption. They also are considered as high compensating employees. Overtime pay is of great benefit when you have an administrative exemption. Also, additional service award can be yours from the court if you bring a claim in a lawsuit on a class-wide basis. i.e you will be awarded money when a case is settled in court. This is the motive of helping employees stand up for their rights. Also, the humane culture of getting paid for overtime paid leaves in unavoidable situations, unpaid leaves, labor law should all be educated to employees. When you have a highly compensated job, you are entitled to better benefits and exemptions but it is important you fulfill the tests too.…

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