What You Should Know If You Are A Dog Lover

So, you are getting home a cutie:

It has been your dream to have adopted a puppy and today you are excited no end because today is that day when you will realize your dream. So, you have made all the necessary changes in your home and in your routine to make sure that your latest family member is comfortable right from the time it enters the door.

You have also been practically reading a lot from the internet about the dogs and their care and also been frantically interviewing a lot of people trying to gather as many tips as possible.\

The preference for male dogs zaps you!

You have also noticed that most of the people that you interviewed had male puppies or dogs and you even tried asking the vet what was the logic behind it. the vet on his part looked at you and wittingly said, “human nature, Madam!”

Then you read:

This guide about how long the dogs stay in heat that you read on the internet gave you a big insight into the female dogs life and you had decided right away that it was going to be a female dog for you.

A period of estrus in a female dog’s life is frequently every six months and the female dog stays in heat for two to four weeks thereafter which is the best time for it to mate as its eggs are ready to be fertilized. During the heat, it will readily present itself to the male prospects by rump its back and pushing its tail side-wards.

There are a lot of physical and psychological determinant to know if the female dog is experiencing the estrus. The vulva becomes swollen and there will be bleeding or discharge from there. Also, the dog may be extremely alert or nervous. If you are a new owner or a first time breeder it is important to know that the first one or two cycles are not recommended for mating as the eggs are not ready yet. However, you may consult a vet if need be.…

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