3 Easy Step for Helping a Child to Learn a Musical Instrument

These days, musical instruments are more affordable than ever, and given the huge benefits that learning to play music has for our children, more and more parents these days are investing in music lessons for their children.  However, buying the instrument is only the beginning, and knowing the next steps can be very difficult, especially if the parents aren’t musically inclined themselves.  So here are 3 tips for helping your child learn to play an instrument.

Find the right teacher

Music lessons are wonderful in so many ways for children, but you really need to find the right teacher otherwise it will be a waste of time.  You need to find someone who is a master of their instrument, but more importantly knows how to teach to children, keep the lessons fun and interesting, and they need to have the right kind of personality to get on with your kids.  Different types of teachers suit different types of kids.  A serious and strict teacher might be wonderful for a dedicated and very driven child, but a free-spirited, rock ‘n’ roll kid might benefit more from a more laid back instructor.

Be a part of the Process

Get actively involved in your child’s music lessons and practice. Always ask them to tell you about what they have been learning in their books or with their teacher.  Keep up to date on the techniques and songs that they are practicing, and ask them how it is all going.  You can also ask them to give you a little demonstration or a performance if you feel like they are ready for it.

You can also have conversations with them about which songs, bands or composers they like, and especially talk to them about why they like certain things.

Encourage but don’t pressure

As a musician myself, I know all to well that learning and continuing to play a musical instrument is always a bit of a struggle.  There can be quite a lot of humps to get over, and it can be frustrating. Every musician will get annoyed with themselves, feel things are too hard and want to give up at some point.  That’s where your love and support come in.

You want to be your child’s biggest fan and always encourage them to keep playing, and to give them the confidence that they can and will succeed. You shouldn’t lavish praise on them for being sloppy or lazy with their music, however, and be careful not to put too much pressure on them, as this could overwhelm them and take the fun out of playing.…

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