3 Easy Step for Helping a Child to Learn a Musical Instrument

These days, musical instruments are more affordable than ever, and given the huge benefits that learning to play music has for our children, more and more parents these days are investing in music lessons for their children.  However, buying the instrument is only the beginning, and knowing the next steps can be very difficult, especially if the parents aren’t musically inclined themselves.  So here are 3 tips for helping your child learn to play an instrument.

Find the right teacher

Music lessons are wonderful in so many ways for children, but you really need to find the right teacher otherwise it will be a waste of time.  You need to find someone who is a master of their instrument, but more importantly knows how to teach to children, keep the lessons fun and interesting, and they need to have the right kind of personality to get on with your kids.  Different types of teachers suit different types of kids.  A serious and strict teacher might be wonderful for a dedicated and very driven child, but a free-spirited, rock ‘n’ roll kid might benefit more from a more laid back instructor.

Be a part of the Process

Get actively involved in your child’s music lessons and practice. Always ask them to tell you about what they have been learning in their books or with their teacher.  Keep up to date on the techniques and songs that they are practicing, and ask them how it is all going.  You can also ask them to give you a little demonstration or a performance if you feel like they are ready for it.

You can also have conversations with them about which songs, bands or composers they like, and especially talk to them about why they like certain things.

Encourage but don’t pressure

As a musician myself, I know all to well that learning and continuing to play a musical instrument is always a bit of a struggle.  There can be quite a lot of humps to get over, and it can be frustrating. Every musician will get annoyed with themselves, feel things are too hard and want to give up at some point.  That’s where your love and support come in.

You want to be your child’s biggest fan and always encourage them to keep playing, and to give them the confidence that they can and will succeed. You shouldn’t lavish praise on them for being sloppy or lazy with their music, however, and be careful not to put too much pressure on them, as this could overwhelm them and take the fun out of playing.…

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How to research everything about your employer before signing a contract

To be an employee is common but to be a leader is uncommon. To lead a team, you not only need experience at work but also citizenship when working in a foreign land. I found out about the administrative exemption in California here in a web portal which explains the rules and regulations laid out for promotions in Californian companies. All the employees are not treated the same here. But if you are at a higher pay scale, you are exempt from certain things which are detailed below:

To be eligible for the administrative exemption, one must qualify by clearing the following tests:

  1. $455 per week should be the minimum compensation of the employee
  2. The primary duty should be independent judgment in matters of significance.
  3. The employee should be performing office work which is not manual and is directly impacting business operations.

Also, if an employee is drawing a salary equal to that of a teacher at an academic institution in entry-level, even then he/she will be eligible for administrative exemption. They also are considered as high compensating employees. Overtime pay is of great benefit when you have an administrative exemption. Also, additional service award can be yours from the court if you bring a claim in a lawsuit on a class-wide basis. i.e you will be awarded money when a case is settled in court. This is the motive of helping employees stand up for their rights. Also, the humane culture of getting paid for overtime paid leaves in unavoidable situations, unpaid leaves, labor law should all be educated to employees. When you have a highly compensated job, you are entitled to better benefits and exemptions but it is important you fulfill the tests too.…

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School – life balance: get into college with less stress

Finishing high school has always been a stressful time in a person’s life throughout all the history. So many unanswered questions. What’s next? Should I continue with higher education? Will I ever get into the college I want? Am I good enough? I have been through it all. I started stressing out then my family and friends followed this deep rabbit hole. If this is happening in your life or you are about to finish school and look for a way to get into the college or university of your dreams – DON’T WORRY.

The biggest step is deciding what degree to pursue. In my experience, it is easier if you focus on your hobbies, something you really enjoy doing and then looking how you can apply that to your future college degree and eventually career. Don’t underestimate high school classes. What if you really enjoy science classes – this gives you the option to choose so many science degrees which can be as specific or as general as you think you will enjoy. Another example is literature. Are you an avid reader that picks up a book every day, loves analyzing the characters and discussing the plot with other people? You can choose the path of a writer or just study literature.

Now the most stressful part! How do you get into a higher education school of your choice? First of all, research all the qualification requirements. If you know what you need to do for the degree to the very detailed specifics, then you will be able to only focus on that. My advice is to work very hard at the subjects you choose but also try to understand it, don’t cram it. If you need sat tutoring go here, it will relieve so much stress from making yourself study non-stop alone. If you understand what you are doing you will be more focused and even enjoy it more. Do keep all of this in mind when studying and you will be at the top of your school career in no time.…

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Questions For Interviews That Find Out Truth

When you reach a point in life, there is competition, secrecy and the path to finding yourself. It is at this time you are entering a new college or getting yourself a new job. You will have to attend interviews that will test your intellect, personality and skills. Some of these interview questions help you understand more about yourself.

Now, when the roles are reversed and it is your chance to interview a person, what would you do? Would you go easy on them because it was not easy for you to go through that phase? If you go easy on them, they will join the company and not be as productive as expected and you will be answerable.

You have to ask questions that will help you understand the person in front of you. When you know their personality, you can decide which team they can go into and what type of training they require, if they are getting selected.

Ask Questions

Would you rather questions are fun and very revealing. They tell us a lot about a person’s personality and way of thinking. Wondering “Where can I find the top would you rather questions”? Here is a collection of five questions that can help you understand the person better in an interview:

  1. Would you rather correct what happened in the past or know what happens in the future?
  2. Would you rather be the head of a small company or one of the highest paid employees in one of the biggest companies in the world?
  3. Would you rather have people working under you to achieve that dream or have experienced people guiding you for free?
  4. Would you rather have your salary paid on time or have irregular salary for doing nothing?
  5. Would you rather be a team leader for one of those useless projects that is just a number on the sheet or be a team player for a project crucial to the company’s growth?


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Check Out Some Of The Amazing Business Realities

There is a lot that we do not know about businesses. You do not become successful by  just operating a business successfully but by understanding some of the basics of business that would give you an insight into the entire business world. Ok so now what are these facts and realities that every businessman is supposed to know? Let`s take a look at some of them.

  • The basic point every businessman should know or probably understand is that he cannot always enjoy a profit. Losses and profits are a common happening in every business and there is no business or company that has been making constant profits or losses. After every profit, there is a loss-making year and vice-versa. The one who understands this basic is the one who can come up in life as a successful businessman.
  • The goal of every business set up is to reach the top position gaining a good name and reputation among the customers. But do you think this is as easy as it sounds or looks? No, because it requires the business to wade through the heavy tides of competition. The market outside is already loaded enough and getting through this is no fun. So businesses will have to be really promising, challenging and try proving their best in making people believe in them and their services.

All these are some of the real realities and facts that remain oblivious in the eyes of the businessmen. They focus all their attention towards how to reach the top within a short period and hence forget to take notice of these which would show them the reality. Any businessman who is patient, persistent, attentive, performance oriented and diligent would definitely be able to sail safe and smooth in the oceans of competition and reach the destination slowly but steadily.…

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